Marc Andre Caron, first recipient of the Title, and Jonathan Bussiere, president of the organizing commitee.
The recognition temple of the small brick was created to honnor a member of the AFOL family to overline the a special participation of a member. 
A person, who by his involving ,contributed to enlarge our passion for the small brick. 
In 2018,the organizing commitee, saluted the works of Marc-Andre Caron, because without him, Brickomanie should not be here. To salute his passion that he involves into his brickfilms and his pleasure to provide good informations into the formation on LEGO Robotic. 
If you would like to salute the involvement of a member of the AFOL communauty it is possible to do so by getting in touch with the organizing commitee. 
To submit a candidate you just have to send an Email to : In the E mail you put in your name, the name of the member you suggest,who should be register to the convention. In your words, you tell us why you send his candidature. You must do so prior to October 15th.